Monday, February 27, 2012

Worst thing i've smelled......EVER!!!! Thank you Shasta!

The sink cabinets are gone!
They are officially sitting on the floor of my garage in pieces.  I sure hope I can put them back together again.

But, in the midst of my ardor for flat-head screws that refused too come out, and playing hide and go seek with a few dozen more screws, I managed to splash myself with what can only be described as
the worst thing I've smelled......EVER!

I had failed to remember that the sink trap was full of nasty, foul smelling, chunky viscus liquid.

Well, if I had to actually describe the Eau de Toilette,  I would say it had a very heavy rotten beer on the front end, followed by a 1 - 2 punch of raccoon pee, and that smell that hits you when you walk into the public restroom at the downtown subway station.  And finally, it finished with the slight burning sensation as it came into contact with my skin for a few seconds before I could wildly flail about brushing it off as if it were caustic battery acid.

But alas....  it was too late.  I scrubbed my hands, arms and face down 3 times and yet, the smell remains.  I'm fairly sure I would of rather played "Pin the tail on the Skunk" than get another drop of that stuff within 10 feet of me.  Actually, I'm 100% sure I would rather do that!

Let me get back on track with the work I've done.

Sink Cabinets are out, so now I just have one more piece to take out, then on to the next step.
Not quite sure what the, "next step" is, but I think the rest of the paneling will be removed next.
Followed by the floor.  There are a few really spongy spots, and if I'm going to do this much work, it seems silly not to do the sub floor.

Here it is without the sink cabinets...

I tried to take out the wall panel behind the sink cabinet, but its nailed behind the wheel well.
Still formulating my master plan on getting that panel out...

ALSO, Brandi and I checked out this counter top place.  I thought it could be a cool option because its much lighter weight than granite or quartz, and looks REALLY cool.  But not "Cool" like, spend more that I spent on the entire Shasta trailer, "Cool".

We also looked into flooring.  I think that we want a hardwood floor, but I seems that if my shasta is super man, then water is its Kryptonite.  And the natural wood floors could be easily damaged by it.  So we decided to go with a vinyl type product.  Its impervious to water and quite durable if installed properly.  Also, its cheap. 
(Personally, my favorite feature.)
Here are some that we selected.  We welcome any comments!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Long day of Demolition!!!

Today I took the day off work and spent some quality time with "Bob".  I worked on tearing apart the cabinets so I could get them out, but keeping them together enough to re-assemble later.

10 Things I learned today....

  1. Shasta Trailer company LOVED using screws and nails!  By the millions!
  2. Just when you think you got all the nails and screws, you find 40 more.
  3. Then, just when you think you got all the nails and screws, you find 60 more.
  4. Finally, just when you get the idea!
  5. ALL shasta's leak, you just don't always know it.
  6. Its cold in Iowa in February.  Which means I was working in a large Fridge.
  7. I need a tetanus shot, stat!
  8. Don't open the windows to let the dust out because they will freeze open. (hope spring comes soon!)
  9. Most things are also nailed from the outside.  Things magically stick to the walls w/o screws!
  10. The counter tops we want are $800!!!!!!  I hope the sales lady doesn't work on commission!
 Here are some pics of the updated progress... 
(although progress seems like the wrong word)

We got about 6" of REALLY heavy, wet snow, so I decided to brace the ceiling.

The wall on both sides have become detached from the base of the trailer. 
You can see right down to the snowy ground.
As the sun came out the snow begin to melt and came inside the "Fridge" and froze. 
Made it easy to spot the many leaks.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 2- DEMO

Some before and after pics of the demo.  Lemme Tell ya- those cabinets are built to stay! We realized the tall cabinet will not come out unless we completly take it apart. 

                                                    Couch/Bed side before demo:
                                                Couch/Bed side after day 1 of demo:
 Dinette side before demo:

                                                             Dinette side after day 1 demo:

 One last note for the day- aparently everyone in internet world gives thier campers names for whatever reason, (maybe to keep up the boat people).  Usually the campers have girl names, so we decided to maybe name our camper- however we are not like everyone else so we are thinking of calling the camper "BOB"...

Saturday, February 18, 2012


We bought a 1962 Shasta Airflyte!  Follow our adventures of restoring this now ghetto but what will be vintage camper... We are looking to do a resto-mod, hope it turns out.  Tomorrow I will add pics of the inside, but keep in mind it's pretty much a total gut job.