Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bob is starting to feel more like a camper!

More and more of the inside work is getting done!  So now, I have most of the kitchen cabinets in, and most of the closet cabinets in.  Its really exciting because now its starting to feel like an actual camper again!  The closet part was MUCH easier than the kitchen cabinets since I re-used the old cabinet face.  The only think I had to do was cut off 1/2 inch to compensate for the new subfloor thickness.

Also, I had another round with the router.  And, thanks to the advice of Chuck, it put in a new bit and SHA-ZAM!  It works much better!  (thank you, thank you, thank you!)  So with my renewed confidence after the Coach Chuck's pep-talk, I was able to recreate the decorative detail on the sides of the closet cabinets.  I'm not really sure if they have any actual function, but I thought it would be nice to keep that original detail.  One of the told closet sides had been damaged, so I was able to cut out the other and use as a template to cut out the new ones.  I was really happy with the results.

In the lower right opening of the cabinet is where the original fridge was kept.  Since we moved it over to the kitchen side, we're going to make a "cubby hole" to store stuff in since I don't have a door.  Maybe a place to keep the heater?  Otherwise we mostly kept the same layout.  I'm surprised at just how much storage this camper has.  Especially since its only a 16 footer.  But I suppose it helps to travel light.  If you try and bring the proverbial "Farm", you'd probably run out of room VERY quickly!

Another bothersome problem that I've recently found is with filling the new freshwater tank.
the setup is supposed to be that you pour water into the Bargman Gravity filler on the outside, and water runs down a tube and fills the tank.  The original tank was missing.  Probably rotted long ago, so I had to buy a new 10 gallon tank.  But the inlet port sits higher than the gravity filler on the outside.  And the previous owner had installed a awesome Bargman Gravity filler that looks great, so I really want to use it.  But I don't want to cut another hole and raise it either.  The only thing I could think of is a hose that is smaller in diameter and can put fed up the filler, thru the hose and into the tank.  It may not move as much water, but it will make air escape easier, so possibly it will fill just fine.  I dunno...  I have a few more weeks to ponder it before I have to make a decision.

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