Monday, June 4, 2012

Slow and steady.... Then try again, and again.

Since my last post, I've learned that I'm not really cut out to be a cabinet maker.  I continually made mistakes and had to tear it all apart and make changes in order for it to work.  Then there was the router.....

Just as I had feared in one of my earlier blogs, the router and I are still not on speaking terms.  Mr. Router feels that I don't understand him, and I, on the other-hand, feel that if someone tries to kill me, its hard to want to "understand" them. 
Sometimes its smoothly pushed along with hardly any effort.  Other times I about have to stand on it to get it to move.  And then it doesn't.....route?.....very good.  (not sure on the correct word for that but you understand)  Instead of doing its thing, it just spins and tries to catch fire to my project I've been working on for the last 2 days, AND burn down my house!!!!  The last straw was when I got the ENTIRE cabinet front constructed, and the LAST thing I needed to do was put a small groove along the end for the 1/4 in birch panel to slide into.   All was fine and, I thought...."Hmmm  maybe Mr. Router isn't so mean after all", then BAM it went all crazy like Charlie Sheen on a 3 day bender!  So I had to tear it all apart YET AGAIN, and replace that piece.

I have much to learn about Mr. Router.....  Maybe we just need some time apart while I work on another project!

Alas.  The cabinet is done!  The drawers are in and so is the cutting board.  It was really weird building it since I was trying to follow the original design.  But I think the original design was the "hurry and slap it in" method.  And its not built like cabinets in your house because of the weight factor.  So its really just a skeleton that is covered with birch paneling.  I tried to add support where I could, but having the wheel-well underneath makes it a little hard to do. 
Over-all, I am happy with the outcome.  Fortunately, on the cabinet on the other side, I am going to reuse the existing front and just build all the insides.  Hopefully it will be easier, because I don't think I could handle a repeat of the last cabinet.

My Lovely Bride of nearly 9 years showing off her pride and joy....


  1. At least you know you'll win the Bob versus John fight in the end! Just keep plugging away and try not to get stressed! It looks amazing! Keep up the good work and maybe it'll be ready by the end of the month for our camping trip!! Yippeeeee!
    Love the fabric, Brandi! It's soooo perfect! I think you picked the right one. It just seems to fit!

  2. I agree the fabric looks great! This is the fun part.

  3. Sounds to me like you have a dull router bit. Especially if it's burning. Routing wood is a semi-random affair. Wood grain that lies in one direction cuts easily and in a different direction cuts hard. Looking at it doesn't help much.

    For most routing, I recommend a router table. You can borrow mine if you get going on a big project... like a camper!