Monday, July 2, 2012

Let the countdown BEGIN!

JULY 21st!  That is the offical "leaving for camping trip" date.  So it had better be ready or at least usable by then.  It just hit me this last weekend how little time we have left to work on it.  So its time to DIG DEEP!   We have to priorities to get it usable by then....

Priority list:

1.      Air Conditioning  (no need to explain this one, right!)
2.      Shellac, Shellac, and more Shellac.  (We're thinking about spraying it on to speed things up)
3.      Finish electrical.  (Install Lights, switch, outlets)
4.      Order foam and cut so we have something to sleep on!
5.      Rebuild the door.

Hmmmm, after I made that list I have my doubts if I can get it all done by July 21st.
I really hope that we can!  I think that tomorrow night I will get all the woodwork done so on our day off on Wed. we can start filling holes and shellacing.

I started installing the A/C just to make working on it possible in this heat.  Its basically a huge solar oven!  So after about 3 hours @ 350 degrees I'm cooked.  You can see the basic plan for it in the pics.  The ultimate plan is to install the HD drawer rails and a locking system to let it slide in and out.
Also I have to make a duct system to get the air seperated and try and circulate the air. 

Here are the newly installed upper cabinets...

This is the lower kitchen cabinets.  Tonight I modified the bottom drawer to be short enough to fit.

Finally got the end piece made for the bench.  I like the look of it since it appears kinda orginal.

So here you can see my latest issue.  As you can see I had to buy "pre-stained" molding for the corners of the paneling.  Its a foam-ish type of material.  Its the only thing that I could find to make the bend.   You can also see the new trim above the window to hide the panel seems.

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  1. Hear you're going to spray shellac to finish the interior. Since shellac is alcohol based, when you spray it you make the alcohol evaporate very fast and in an enclosed space you can get enough fumes to explode in pretty short order. Open the door and windows and have a box fan blowing in the door to push the fumes out.