Monday, July 9, 2012

The BIG push!

I am working like a fool right now!  We don't have much time to go until our camping trip, so hopefully we will have a camper to go in!  :)

We've been able to cross off some exciting things from our "to-do" list.  The electrical is nearly done.  We just need to order 1 more light that we added later.  As well as make all the wiring at the panel nice a neat.  But having the electrical done allowed us to see all the lights work!  How EXCITING!  It wasn't all peaches and cream though.  After I got the new electric panel hooked up and installed it kept tripping the breaker in my house.  Arrrgh!  It only took me about 4 hours to find the issue.  It ended up that they style of 30 amp plug that I bought from Menards was a hunk of junk.
As you moved the plug around, one of the contacts would wear thru the insulation on another conductor and make a tiny pin sized cut that would eventually short out.  Once that was all figured out it went much better!

We also put most of the cabinet doors back on.  Looks GREAT!!

Finally I rebuilt the door.  The only thing I re-used was the aluminum.  The rest was very rotten.  Now it blends in nicely with the rest of the interior.  We used the old back splash above the old stove to make a cool looking kick plate for the door. 

OH!  I almost forgot about the upholstery!  We got a quote to do it.  $870.00!!!!!!!  Man, I about fainted when I heard that.  I think for now we're going to buy the foam on our own and use that until we figure out what to do.

I very excited about the "BIG Push", but man is it expensive!!!  I took it to 5 Seasons Tire and they said the tires are SUPER old and need replaced asap.  I'm also going to buy a spare and have the bearings re-packed.  Say adios to $370 bucks!  I've been putting off some the expensive stuff till the end, and the now its time!  ;)

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