Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We're back!!!

Hello all!
We made it thru our first camping trip in one piece.  Althought it did start off like this...

(Note the intense concentration signified by the lack of modesty in showing the underware.  :P)

And some more of this...

We noticed that the trailer lights didn't work at all soon after we left the house.  We stopped in Monticello and at least got the Brake lights working.  I guess we will have to put that back on the the To-Do list.  "Fix stupid lights"

Everything worked pretty well otherwise.  We learned quite a few things along the way though...

1.  Paxton likes Cake!

2.  Paxton REALLY likes Cake!

3.   Everything that is green......is POISON IVY!

4.   If your fridge moves, you need a lock.  Lesson learned!

5.   No matter how beautiful the beach, or the sand mermaid, biting flies WILL ruin it ALL!

6.   One of these will go missing. (Make sure you ask him where it went!!!)

After all that work to get the camper ready for our trip, I am now burnt out!  So I will give it a while before I start working on it again.  We'd like to get the floor down.  Don't worry Grandma, not carpet!  :)  Call that another lesson learned from our trip.

As soon as I get more done, I will update the blog!

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  1. Ah, what a fun trip! Great memories! Bob survived a lot on that road trip and all in one piece! Bob really looks great. Makes me want to work on ours!